Duvet sets

Our duvet sets are incredibly soft and comfortable, providing you with perfect comfort and warmth throughout the night. The duvet sets has an elegant design and is easy to maintain.

Pique sets

Piqué bedding is exceptionally breathable and durable, making it perfect for warm summer nights. These sets add a luxurious and comfortable feel to your bed, ensuring a restful sleep every night.

Dowry sets

Our dowry sets feature ten exquisite high-quality pieces, combining elegance and superior comfort. These finely crafted sets are perfect for any special occasion, making them the finest choice for a dowry.

Table cover

Our table covers are beautifully crafted from high-quality materials, offering both style and durability. They protect your table while adding an elegant touch to your dining area, making every meal feel special.

Essen Home Textile

With ten years of experience in the textile industry, our professional service and unwavering dedication ensure that every piece of our textile is perfect. Our goal is to create a better world, and your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

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We photograph every piece of our work to track our personal progress and provide new clients with ideas on how to decorate their homes in a more luxurious manner. Our portfolio showcases our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, inspiring creativity and style in home decoration. Whether revamping your bedroom or enhancing your dining area, our projects offer a wealth of inspiration and a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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